Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Flying Squirrels... or not

My dog has a habit of having his barking sessions at the neighbor dog or a passing pedestrian during naptime. This bothers me. If you are a mom you know how nice and wonderful and much needed naptime is. I take lots of careful planning to get 3 children down for a nap at the same time so I can do things I need to do! So when the barking started today, I race outside ready to ream the dog for barking, but he is looking up and barking... which is odd. So I look up and see and hear two cute fuzzy little squirrels playing way in the top of a tree! Wally quit barking when he saw me, but just as I looked up I see one of the squirrels DROP right out of the tree and THUD on the ground! I went over there to see if it was hurt, but it fell in the neighbor's yard (which is a good thing cause even an injured squirrel has no chance of survivial in my yard of dogs that would think it's a play toy!) I couldn't see it, so I can only imagine it survived somehow and scurried off... Just thought it was really odd. I've never seen a squirrel fall before. They are usually really good at hanging on. Maybe it lived... we'll go with that!! At least my kids are still asleep! Here's a pic... my finger is pointing to the part of the tree they were in and you can see how high up it was. Not sure why I am so facinated by this or why it deserved a blog entry!!

Okay, well the top of my finger anyway...

He tries to look innocent!
Guess this is what he really thinks of me!!

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