Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A word from Avery

Avery enjoys calling her grandparents on the phone and chatting with them. This particular occasion she had called my dad and was hoping to talk long enough to avoid naptime! Here's how the talk went:

Avery: Hi Pa. where are you?

Pa: I'm at work.

Avery: Where's Gran?

Pa: Well she's at her work. Did you want to talk to Gran?

Avery: Ya, but she won't call me back. (It had been about 2 minutes since she left a message)

Pa: She's probably just busy at work, but she will call you back. She's not like Grandma and Grandpa that are REtired. They get to stay home now, but Gran and I still go to work each day.

Avery: Maybe if you're tired one day you can stay home from work too!

he he he!! I thought it was very cute what they hear and how words get mixed up!