Monday, January 19, 2009

Beasts turn sweet??

Anyone that has spent any time with me knows that I refer to my screaming sweeties as my little Beast Children!! Especially my little Jilly! They are almost 8 months old now and for the past 8 months people have been telling me that it will get easier... that it won't always be this hard... that they will become more independent... It seemed as if those days would never come.

Well I'm not saying the day is here and here to stay (I'm being non-committal), but they have been easier lately!! During the day they are typically happy and typically more easy going. They will play in the floor with a toy and spend time rolling around and practicing their crawling too. A little reprieve at least for me!

So not as often will I have beast children! I am actually enjoying them some!! Which is just amazing for me! I feel like I've just missed out on anytime that mom's should have to enjoy the tiny new baby. Hopefully I can relax a bit now and cuddle them while I can! Here's a recent pic:

Now I should go let them out of their crib while they are still in their nice form!!

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