Wednesday, December 3, 2008

101 Things I am Thankful For (in no particular order)

Geezz! I am such a conformist!! I am copying Traca's copying of Jodi's blog idea! So here's my list:

1. God's Grace
2. My loving husband, Ken
3. The sweetest 4 year old, Avery
4. God's Blessings
5. My busy little baby girl, Jillian
6. My laid back slilly little boy, Eden
7. baby squeals
8. healthy kids
9. gracious friends
10. Mom groups
11. Fuzzy little heads
12. nastalgia
13. Christmas Traditions
14. Christmas lights
15. sausage balls (Christmas morning breakfast tradition)
16. my comfortable couches
17. Thunderstorms
18. Air conditioning (I would melt in the summer)
19. Chocolate
20. my dogs
21. My kid's Grandparents
22. My home
23. Indoor plumbing!
24. e-mail
25. facebook (sorry I've really gotten addicted!)
26. The Back to the Future movies!!
27. Baby Einstein Videos
28. books
29. Cute little baby clothes
30. New Recipes
31. Tivo!!
32. Those few nights when the babies sleep all night long!
33. My own bed
34. Google
35. Jesus Dying for me
36. Fat free yogurt
37. Overnight Dates!
38. Prayers
39. Little, tiny, blonde ponytails
40. The fact that my poodle still loves me despite the additions of husband, dogs, kid, kid, kid!
41. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte!!
42. Mom's Night Out
43. Baby sitters
44. Nates in Addison
46. MOPS
47. Fireplace fires (really missing my fireplace in San Antonio)
48. Quaker granola bars
49. Warm Homemade bread YUM!
50. That I still anticipate Christmas
51. naptime!!
52. Seriously... NAPTIME!!
53. Christmas Music
54. Remembering
55. Valley Grove
56. Wee School
57. Fast food
58. Home Cooked meals
59. Quiet house (One day I can be thankful for this again!)
60. That I have friends that value the simple things like their wooden spoon!!
61. My compact camera
62. Being a SAHM
63. Dr. Pepper
64. That I am still able to breastfeed
65. Cold Weather
67. Unconditional Love my kids have for me (right now)
68. Forgiveness
69. Swimming Pools
70. Wind chimes
71. Birds singing (but not early in the morning)
72. Quilting
73. Diaper Genie II
74. The smell of Cinnamon
75. The smell of Coffee
76. Knowledge
77. Wisdom
78. That I can eat potato chips and still somehow turn that into the perfect milk for babies (albeit not the best version)
79. Laughter
80. Christmas Trees
81. Snow
82. The Ocean
83. Cruises
84. My sister and her new family
85. My ability to copy things (What I lack in creativity I make up for in being a copycat)
86. "I love yous" from Avery and Ken
87. Sweet hugs for no reason
88. Ken's Job
89. Baby Giggles - no sweeter sound on earth!
90. Amazement of a growing child
91. Bright Eyes
92. My growing patience
93. naps for me (rare, but wonderful)
94. That my 4 year old still takes naps!
95. Jon & Kate Plus 8 (Yup stole that one from Jodi, but that show makes me feel better!)
96. fuzzy socks
97. cuddly babies
98. Cuddly 4 yr olds
99. Post-it notes
100. My diaper bag
101. Learning new Things


Straight from the pits of Dwell said...

I love your thankful list!

Traca said...

Good stuff....Google, Jesus, and yogurt!!! (In no particular order, of course!)