Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Little Update on Avery

Avery is doing WONDERFUL in Kindergarten. Even though she is ahead a year for now she is keeping up and learning fast! She has started reading recently. I have put up a little video for you to see!

She also very much enjoys her new baking stuff that she got for last Christmas! She loves to cook and bake so that her brother and sister have a snack when they wake up from nap. They are more than happy to take advantage of her skills! Here's a pic of her baking.

Avery is a very sweet child. She LOVES to help with her brother and sister any time she can as long as it does not include stinky diapers! I asked her if she wished she were the twin's mommy and she beamed and said, "Yay! That'd be great"! She tries to do a little too much mothering sometimes, but she really means well. Avery loves to swim, ride her bike, anything outside, but most of all she LOVES to play with Eden and Jillian. She really is a wonderful daughter!!


meganparr said...

Awww She is too stinking precious! I love it! Miss yall!

Amy said...

Yeah, I'm getting lots! I make it a job and make sure I answer all surveys I qualify for, and click on all emails I'm sent. The $44 is from InBox actually!