Monday, April 26, 2010

Living Room Remodel

So I have wanted to replace the ugly dark paneling in our living room since we bought our home 3 years ago. Finally have a chance, so I am diving in. My dad came and helped me get started. We took one wall of paneling down which was actually really simple. He showed me how to make a joint (he assured me it wasn't that kind of joint). So we taped and sealed the seams between the dry wall.

Big sister came out of the bedroom where Gran was keeping the kids occupied and said that it was a beautiful color and she loved the cross we put on the wall!

So now I have to figure out how I will texture my walls. I want a knock down texture on the walls, but it's not so easy to do without high tech equipment. I found a tutorial here that had some easy and good suggestions.
So I tried it. So far... not really sure I like what I see. I am waiting on it to dry and I would give it a 60% chance that I will sand it back off. I used joint compound on the wall, so I should be able to remove it easy enough if I think it's not what I want.

I needed a smaller bucket that my putty knife and other tools would fit into. A Wipes Case worked wonders! And it closes up to keep it moist still.

More to come... I am hoping this isn't a nightmare I have created for myself!


The Milfords said...

Marla! I am thrilled for you and I laughed out loud at the comment made by Avery. I love the cross too. Looks niiiice. :)

Anonymous said...

How'd it turn out??

Heidi Ferguson said...

Good luck with the living room remodel! Your kids are adorable. Thanks for following my blog!