Sunday, May 10, 2009

Or Eden will Zoom ahead!

So I said Jillian won the walking race, but that may have been a little bit preemptive. She does have better balance and always has. She will stand up and maintain her balance for a long time. She's even started twisting at the waist and bending way over without even a stumble. She will also take about 5-6 steps when she wants to, but those have not been very often. She usually has no desire to walk and hasn't taken off on her own.
Eden has usually just stood there dancing and giggling rather than taking steps. Today Eden really got into it! He started walking between Ken and I! He walked longer distances than Jillian had, and he was much more interest in doing so. So... all that to say that Jillian may get credit for taking the first steps, but if Eden continues he will get credit for walking first! Here's a video of his new moves (sorry it's so dark):

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