Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Big Night in the Casey House

We had a big night in the Casey house. Jillian has spent the week at Grandma's house and today (Thursday) I met my dad and he took Eden for the weekend. So this meant that it was an ALL AVERY night. We went to eat at her favorite restaurant, rented her a Scooby-Doo movie, got ice cream and a new folder for school (which she needed). She said she was getting spoiled! I'm pretty sure if they recognize they are getting spoiled then they are not spoiled right?! So after the movie I was about to clean her face with a wet wash cloth. Right after I wet it she came to me and said, "You know mom, when we were leaving the store my tooth leaned WAY forward." I took a look and sure enough it was just hanging there. I told her it was ready and to pull it just a bit and it would come out! Then I conviently had a fresh, wet wash cloth in my hand for her to bite on. It bled for just a minute. This was Avery's first tooth to loose! It's been 2 weeks since we it started on the wiggly path. Here's a pic of her little gap:

She already has her adult tooth making it's way in. The new tooth is WAY back behind the row of baby teeth.

She is all excited and ready to see what replaces her tooth come morning!
I made a quick little pouch for her to keep her tooth in hoping that I can do the ol' switch-er-roo when she's out to the world. She wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy that says, "Der Toof Fare, This is my frst Tooth! Avery Casey"

The Man questioned why I do the whole tooth fairy mess, but not Santa. My answer to that is that Santa is given god-like abilities (ie: he sees you when your sleeping, he knows when you've been bad or good) and seems to replace Jesus during the Christmas season. I haven't actually told Avery that there is a tooth fairy. She asked if the tooth fairy was real and I answered with a good ol' "What do you think?" allowing her to speculate and decide what makes sense to her. Since the whole tooth trade for money bit is secular I don't see a problem with it!

Anyway... she's all excited! It was a big night in the Casey house!


Jackie said...

Oh, that is awesome. Rachel lost 2 in one night, so we had a lot of fun with that!!! YAY Avery!!

momtomany said...

A night she will remember FOREVER!!