Monday, November 29, 2010

The Santa Lie

I guess I am alone in my "Santa Feelings". Perhaps it is the way I was brought up or maybe it's just my own realization. We don't do Santa. It is something fun that we pretend with and talk about, but we do not "do" Santa. We don't have presents from Santa. We don't put out milk and cookies. We don't have a "be good for the spying elf". And we don't believe Santa is watching us and seeing if we are naughty or nice.
Before you think I am a big "Scrooge" hear me out!
With all the Santa tradition comes telling your child the following:

"A man you don't know will be coming into your house while you sleep, via the chimney (or some other way you make up if you don't have one)
Giving you presents that elves make in a toy shop
Reindeer fly this man all around the world in one night doing this to every house
This man can SEE you all the time!
This man knows what you are doing and how you are behaving.
This man knows what you are thinking!"

All of this bothers me tremendously! And here is why.
How am I to tell my children all these lies? Yes they are lies regardless of the fun of the kids believing and the excitement. I am supposed to tell them that THIS man can see them and THIS man knows what they want and THIS man knows how they behave. Only to have them realize a few years later that it was all lies.
AND THEN... and here's the big deal for me.... they are still expect to believe that Jesus is real. That God actually can see them, that God actually does know what they are thinking and what they want!! That their blessing come from Him. Ya right! No intelligent kid is going to continue to truly believe in the real Lord and his omniscient ability after being lied to when they were younger and more naive.
I don't see how lying to my kids when they are gullible can possibly have a good affect on them later in life.
All this to say... It seems like no one else (besides Starsha that I know of) feels this way. My Christian friends all do Santa at their homes. I feel strongly about it. I guess it doesn't matter so much what other families do. To each their own and all. It just bothers me that people don't see the correlation between Santa and the God-like abilities Santa is given and God, Jesus and the true Christmas story.
My kids should trust me. This means that I do no lie to them... ever.
We do fun stuff with Santa and have fun with it all, but my kids know that Santa's not a real person and will not be "visiting" us at Christmas time.

Alright... there is my rant on the evils of Santa!


Georgia said...

Brian feels exactly the same way. We had never done "Santa" before last year, but the kids were pretty small, too. Then, this past year, when it was really going to become an issue, Lily could not, would not be convinced by us that Santa was not real. What can you do?

I thought it was fun and silly growing up. I wasn't sad when I found out that Santa wasn't real. I still got presents, so it wasn't a big deal. I never correlated Santa and God. Honestly, it never occurred to me that anyone would.

But how does this compare to other areas? Tooth fairy? Easter bunny?

But as always, I think people should do whatever they feel is the best thing for their families. My biggest problem, looking back, was seeing some figment getting credit for my mom's great Christmas ideas.

Jackie said...

I am with Georgia on this one. It is all in good fun and when the "Santa" thing is over for the kiddos, it will continue in good fun. My parents STILL give gifts from "santa". I really don't think it will be considered a "lie" when it is all over. It is just a fun way to watch kids enjoy Christmas a little more. They grow up SO fast!!! What is a few more years of innocence and seeing them beleive in something magical!!